Ride Through Hell

by Voodoo Queen

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FDJ Ok let's get the fact that these guys have plundered a few Black Sabbath riffs out of the way and concentrate on what we have here.
Energetic and powerful trad doom shot through with some amphetamine induced thrash like pace and stoner metal attitude. Yes it all sounds familiar but it works and is highly enjoyable.
Tony Iommi's lawyers may think differently though. Favorite track: Demons.
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released November 13, 2014

all rights reserved by Voodoo Queen



all rights reserved


Voodoo Queen Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, Poland

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Track Name: Demons
cannot see my mistakes
feeling like a god
without fear (and) self-control
i will never stop

can`t remember last night
how did i get here
many drinks and many lives
all the same to me
try so hard to be a good man
every day is a mistake
give me just this one last chance
i will be so brave

who wants to know
if i am strong

i`m so lonely tonight
as only one can be
i`m the only one i love
can`t you fucking see
loneliness and emptiness
drive me fucking mad
i`m not your hero

I will wait for better time
to bring my fucking life back
days are passing by
slipping through my fingers now
can`t think bout anything else
can`t be someone whom i was
must fight my demons

can`t think `bout life this time
when i`m so separated
from reality
so empty inside
someday i swear i`ll be back
i`m nothing without promises
how can you be so blind

there`s only one thing i know
i could have been so strong
but there was nothing to fight for
my demons are taking control
Track Name: Little Nasty Bitch
I still can see in my dreams
your snake eyes and black hair
you`ve talked to me everyday about your love
no more lies from your mouth
from your mouth

you were spreading the virus
infecting my mind
you liked to treat me like dog
little fucking whore

bloody queen on her throne
I was so weak and blind
bloody queen your time has come
my nigtmare is over now
it`s over
Track Name: Black Sky
I was wrong so many times
when things were falling apart
everyday... loosing control
can`t find place for my soul
(she said)
we have nothing to talk about
if hate is only thing in your mind
call me when you`ll be able to try
open your eyes
under black sky
everything slowely dies
hope doesn`t exist
there`s no reason to live
Track Name: Holy Water
holy water
will wash away my sins
I was a good man
but I must turn the other cheek now
turn the other cheek now

emptiness is killing me slowely
been living in this hell for too long
can`t see nothing above me
it`s time to let this go
there must be something more than this
life death and nothing in between
must be somethin more than this
more than nothing

you want to take my soul
god have nothing to it at all
even through the end of the world
I will walk alone
Track Name: Ghosts Of The Past
how many times you`ve tried to wake me up
and push forward
can`t you see that I can`t stop
if I`m drowning in sorrow

still cold as ice
try to remember everything
it`s not enough

so many ways to touch the sun
can`t find the real one
don`t you know that I can`t fight
with ghosts of the past

still cold....
Track Name: Blood In The Sand
My mother told me that world is good
None of us is cruel - just spread the peace
Don`t kill your brother - give him a hand
Look up in the sky - the beautiful sun

She said to me that I will be so happy
But three beggars are standing and watching
Pain hugs me !
Despair is the best friend
sorrow fills my soul


In my mind still can see blood in the sand
dead flowers scattered in ruins of the city
Slow decay of human instinct
my eyes start to bleed
Track Name: Madness
many times I`ve had so much to say (ride through hell)
so many times I`ve been searching for silence (endless pain)
such important decisions to make (every day)
now don`t know where I`m going (once again)

there is no place to hide
from the sickness that`s growing inside
every try every dream
over and over is killing me
there is no one to blame
every day is exactly the same
every try every dream
over and over is killing me

never ask for something you won`t be able to take
same old false reflection won`t be always hiding your mistakes
confess to yourself spit all sins out
there`s only one way to burn this madness

it doesn`t matter
who`s gonna win this time
in the end we all
are losing in this fucking game
it doesn`t matter
who`s gonna win this time
in the end we all
are losing in this game

I hope someday we will be able to try to
forget `bout all that we said and turn around
nobody wants to say that fear is still dragging us down
nobody`s here to set us free